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Planning The Perfect Christmas Day [With A Newborn]

14 Dec 2021 0 comments
Planning The Perfect Christmas Day With A Newborn
Christmas day with a newborn

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, and even more special when you have just had a baby. Their first Christmas is a magical experience for the whole family to remember and cherish for years to come.

Amongst all the excitement, you may wish to start some new traditions such as:

  • Visiting Father Christmas
  • Making homemade Christmas cards
  • Take yearly family photos in festive attire

Despite this time of year being the most special, this period can be equally as busy and stressful, and even more so when you have to plan the perfect Christmas day with a newborn. But rest assured, we’re here to help you organise a stress-free Christmas full of baby bliss.

Plan Ahead

Deciding who will host Christmas or how to divide the day between families has never been easy, let alone adding a new baby into the mix. This stress can be heightened if you have to travel far to visit friends and family with a new baby in tow.

To avoid unnecessary stress and hurting anyone’s feelings, decide who you are spending Christmas with in advance. If you would like to spend Christmas at home with your little family with no other visitors, let people know. We’re sure they will be more than understanding. This way, your mind will be put at ease, and you can enjoy Christmas with just you and your little family without worrying about hosting others. 

Prioritise Close Friends & Family

In addition to arranging who is hosting Christmas Day, you also have to organise the family you need to see to exchange Christmas gifts in the run-up to the big day. Whether your baby has arrived yet or not, family and friends will be lining up to come and see you. Try and prioritise who you are going to see and stick to close friends and relatives only.

Instead of travelling to others, ask people to come to your house for an hour or two rather than them turning up unannounced. If you have family to help, ask if they can drop off gifts at the door of distant family members on your behalf. I’m sure the recipients would more than understand.

This is your time to relax in your last few weeks of pregnancy or enjoy the first few weeks of your new baby. You should be enjoying this time rather than being rushed off your feet entertaining friends and family.

Start Shopping As Soon As Possible

It’s better to be organised when it comes to buying Christmas food and Christmas gifts for the whole family. Make your food shop and gift list as early as possible, even before you have your baby.

Start shopping as soon as possible and take advantage of online shopping!

Trying to push a pushchair through other stressed shoppers in a busy shopping centre can be a challenge. Shopping while you are pregnant is a good idea because it means less stress and you can spend more time with your new baby when they arrive. 

Write Your Christmas Cards In Advance

There is just so much to do during the festive season and one thing that is normally forgotten about is writing Christmas cards.

If you have a big family, then buying and writing Christmas cards can seem like a chore, especially when you have a new baby that requires all of your attention. You simply don’t have time to write all of your Christmas well wishes.

If possible, write your Christmas card before you are due to give birth and get them ready to post in December. This will save time and will be one less thing to think about.

Wrapping Christmas Presents

As well as writing Christmas cards, wrapping Christmas presents can also take a long time to complete. Try and get your gift shopping and wrapping done ahead of your baby’s arrival. If you have someone to help with all of the wrapping - even better!

Trying to wrap presents while heavily pregnant isn’t the easiest of tasks. Sorting all of the Christmas gifts in advance will allow you and your family to spend the Christmas period relaxing and taking in all of the festive atmosphere.

Wrapping Christmas presents

Zoom Christmas

With all the uncertainty surrounding Christmas, try and prepare for the unexpected. Instead of seeing family face-to-face, why not share the holiday spirit and introduce your new baby virtually through Zoom or Skype or get all the family together for a virtual Christmas feast. This way, you can still have fun with family and friends at a safe distance.

Communicate with loved ones through video call on Zoom

Cherish Every Moment

A baby’s first Christmas is always special and one to be remembered, so enjoy every single moment. The first year is less about gifts and more about spending quality time together as a family and making new life-long memories. It’s a time to create new family traditions and enjoy all of the festivities.


Getting your home ready for your new arrival is a nerve-racking time, made worse by the stress of Christmas. This year, make Christmas all about you and your new bundle of joy. Make Christmas Day plans based on what’s easiest and best for you. Ask family and friends to help where needed to alleviate any extra stress. Plan everything ahead of time, so when it comes to Christmas day, you can relax and spend the day with your family, making memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

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