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This Is The Sleigh Cot Bed Parents Can't Stop Talking About [Obaby Stamford]

22 Dec 2020 0 comments
This Is The Sleigh Cot Bed Parents Can't Stop Talking About [Obaby Stamford] - Bambini & Bo

There is an extensive range of cot beds for babies available on the market, but, there is one sleigh cot bed in particular that parents just can't stop talking about... the Obaby Stamford Luxe. The attention-grabbing feature of this cot bed is its ability to grow with your child.

Obaby stamford luxe sleigh cot bed

Adjustable Mattress Base

The Stamford Luxe sleigh cot bed can adapt to suit every stage of your little one's early development, starting as a cot bed, the Luxe features an adjustable mattress base; the top position allowing parents to put down their new-born without unnecessary bending.

As your baby learns to sit and stand, the base can be lowered by two further positions to ensure that they are safe and secure at all times while the presence of a teething rail helps to protect their delicate first teeth.

Easily Converts To A Toddler Bed

Once your child is old enough to progress to a toddler bed, both side rails can be removed to create a toddler bed that can be used up until approximately four years old.

Obaby stamford luxe sleigh cot bed


Too much too quickly?

Worried the transition into a toddler bed is too large a step? Don't worry, use the included safety rail for familiarity and reassurance during an often-daunting transition until they get used to their 'big bed'.

Obaby stamford luxe sleigh cot bed

Outgrowing the Toddler Bed

Your child outgrowing the toddler bed does not mean the end of the line for the Stamford Luxe, it can become a useful day bed for lounging and relaxing.

Obaby stamford luxe sleigh cot bed

Whilst the cot beds adaptability may be the attention grabber, it's features do not end there...

The craft

The Obaby Stamford Luxe sleigh cot bed is crafted from thick, solid pine and features deluxe hand-carved ends that flow perfectly into the curved rear side rail creating a unique look which truly sets the Luxe apart from other sleigh cot beds.

Integrated Under Drawer

What is better than a cot bed? A cot bed with drawers.

The sleigh cot bed includes an integrated under drawer that smoothly glides on runners, fitting neatly under the cot bed. With a huge 77L capacity there is plenty of storage for your child's precious belongings and clothes.

Recessed handles create a stylish and uncluttered look, whilst ensuring it remains snag free and simple to use.

Co-ordinating Furniture Sets

The sleigh cot bed is available for purchase individually or as part of a nursery furniture set. It's elegant sleigh design coordinates with the rest of the Obaby Stamford furniture range.

Obaby stamford luxe baby furniture sets

Available in a Range of Colours

The Obaby Stamford Luxe furniture is not limited to white, the baby furniture sets are also available in a desirable taupe grey and warm grey.

Obaby stamford luxe furniture for a nursery at Bambini and Bo the UK baby shop


Obaby offer a free 2-year guarantee to the UK and Ireland on all furniture when you register your product within 28 days of purchase.

Here's what parents have to say about it...

"I love the cot! it is absolutely stunning and firm, I highly recommend it and to get it also from Bambini & Bo. Excellent customer service and super fast delivery!" - Eva

"In love with this cot bed, the changeable side rails are such a beautiful feature and the quality is amazing. Also very pleased with the free next day delivery, I have recommended this store to all my friends." - Amy


The images speak for themselves, the Stamford Luxe sleigh cot bed's ability to adapt and transform with your chid as they grow is truly amazing. With its integrated storage, range of colours and co-ordinating furniture also available, it's no wonder parents can't stop talking about this particular sleigh cot bed.

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