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Why Parents Love The Obaby Maya [Scandinavian Nursery Furniture]

23 Mar 2021 0 comments
Obaby Maya 3 Piece Scandinavian Nursery Furniture Set

Becoming a parent is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming, especially when browsing for a nursery furniture set to complete your baby bedroom design.

Struggling to find the perfect cot bed, baby changing unit or nursery wardrobe? Well look no further, the new Obaby Maya range was and continues to be a huge hit, the stock was all pre-sold before it even arrived!

Does that really come as a surprise though? You only need to see this nursery furniture set once to fall in love...

Obaby Maya 3 Piece Room Set - White/Natural

I hate to say it but, I told you so... is that not one of the loveliest furniture sets for a nursery you have ever seen?

Obaby Maya 3 Piece Room Set

The Maya range from Obaby is inspired by Scandinavian design, featuring a clean-cut finish and two-tone colourway. The Maya 3 piece nursery furniture set consists of the Maya cot bed, baby changing unit and double wardrobe.

I'm going to provide a detailed description on each of these items which will explain exactly why parents love this nursery furniture, starting with the Obaby Maya cot bed.

Obaby Maya Cot Bed

This is one of our best selling cot beds for babies, it can adapt to suit every stage of your little one's early development, starting as a cot bed suitable from birth, the Maya cot bed will grow with your little one. The top position of the three height-adjustable mattress base allows you to put down your baby with less pressure and strain applied to your back. As your baby learns to sit and stand, the base can be lowered by two further positions to ensure that their safety is maintained.

Obaby Maya cot bed for babies

Easily Converts to a Toddler Bed

The attention-grabbing feature of this cot bed is not just its looks, but also its functionality and ability to grow with your child. When your little one is ready to begin their transition, the included dual-ended safety rail will provide reassurance and familiarity during an often daunting time. Once they are used to their “big bed” this can be simply removed to create a stylish toddler bed.

Obaby Maya cot bed for babies

Outgrowing the Toddler Bed

One of the immediately beautiful features of the Maya cot bed is its lifespan, which does not end once your child outgrows it initially as a cot bed or as a toddler bed. In fact, it can even be easily converted into a useful day-time bed for lounging and relaxing, a wonderful feature for your child's bedroom. A great place for your child to sit and relax whilst reading their favourite story-time books.

Obaby Maya cot bed for babies

I know what your thinking...where can I get one? Well I'm glad you asked, this cot bed is available for purchase individually or as part of a nursery furniture set. It's currently on offer as part of Bambini and Bo's spring sale, click this link to shop now and save 10%.

Now that's not all, next up we have the Obaby Maya baby changing unit...

Obaby Maya Changing Unit

Having a place to change your baby’s nappy in their nursery or baby bedroom is a good idea because nappy changing, especially in the early days, is going to be a regular occurrence! The Maya changing unit is the perfect storage companion, featuring three 34L capacity soft-close drawers with recessed handles that enable you to easily put away and quickly locate your little one’s belongings. On top of the unit is a changing area capable of fitting a changing mat up to 80 x 46.5cm. 

Obaby Maya baby changing unit

Removable Changing Unit Top

Similarly to the Maya cot bed, the lifespan of the Maya changing unit does not end once the changing area is no longer required. The changing unit top can be removed to create a stylish, flat-top chest of drawers that can be used for years to come.

Just in case you were wondering...yes! This too is included in Bambini and Bo's spring sale! Click this link to shop now and save 10%.

Now, last but not least, the Obaby Maya Double Wardrobe...

Obaby Maya Double Wardrobe

Completing the nursery furniture set is the Maya double wardrobe. Putting style and functionality at the forefront, it offers the ideal storage solution for your little one’s clothes.

Obaby Maya Double Wardrobe for babies

The large cupboard space features two hanging rails and a single full-width shelf, all fronted by double soft-close doors with recessed handles.
Putting your baby’s adorable outfits away has never been easier.

Obaby Maya nursery wardrobe for babies

I know what your thinking, the Maya cot bed and changing unit were included in the Bambini and Bo spring sale but what about the double wardrobe, is that included too? It sure is! Click this link to shop now and save 10%.

So the Obaby Maya range has passed the visual test but can it really look this good in my own home?

The answer to that is yes, in-fact it can look even better! Rather than just show you the Obaby lifestyle images, we wanted to share with you some of our customers photos of the Maya range...

Customer Photos

Here's one of our personal favourite baby bedroom designs by one of our customers, Hamilton Decorators. They did a fantastic job at really bringing this nursery to life and gave it a real sense of character.

Obaby Maya Nursery Furniture Set


The images speak for themselves, the Scandinavian styled Maya range is truly mesmerising, with so many amazing features, particularly it's ability to grow with your child. It really does seem to cover all the bases, Obaby have left no stone unturned when designing this nursery furniture set, it's no wonder that parent's love the Obaby Maya range, as it continues to be one of our best sellers.

So, was I right, or was I right when I said you only need to see this nursery furniture set once to fall in love? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you found value in this blog, please share it on social media, it would make our day! 

From the Team at Bambini & Bo.

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