Pushchairs & Strollers

Pushchairs, also known as strollers, are great for families who are looking for a more compact option, they are often lightweight and more portable than prams...
Pushchairs are typically only forward-facing, some are suitable for use from Birth, however, others are designed for older infants (6 months onwards) and toddlers who can sit upright, so be sure to check the manufacturers' recommendations.
When purchasing pushchair or stroller, there are also some accessories that you may want to consider. For example, does the pushchair come with a rain cover and footmuff for those cold and rainy days? Alternatively, does it have a sun visor for those warm sunny days?
How the baby stroller folds is another important thing to consider, a lot of strollers are now utilising a touchfold system which folds the stroller at the push of a button! Making folding the stroller effortless!
Two award-winning strollers that are well known for this automatic folding feature is the Didofy Aster Stroller and the Miniuno TouchFold Stroller.